Let me introduce you the WRA:

A part of the Team, at our Camp in Schnalstal
A part of the Team, at our Camp in Schnalstal

The World Racing Academy is an Alpine Ski racing school founded by Daniel Fahrner 2010.


Together with his son Martin Fahrner he is leading the WRA.


We started of our project WRA with Athletes like:

Urs Imboden (MDA), Christophe Roux (MDA), Stefan Kogler (GER), or Nicole Gius (ITA). 





After some years, the WRA got more and more famous and a lot of strong new racers joined our team like:

Patrick Thaler (ITA), Riccardo Tonetti (ITA), Philipp Schmid (GER), Dominik Stehle (GER), Markus Vogel (SUI), Kristaps Zvejnieks, Krystof Kryzl or Filip Trejbal (both CZE).


Our target is to improve EVERY racer who joins the team. We try to bring them to their personal best level! For this goal we give 120% and work as hard and professional as possible. With fun and hard work we achieved already a lot of success. Several Top-15 positions from our different racers at WC races, or the silver medal at the WSC in St. Moritz with our racer Matej Falat. We have a lot of experience in the Ski circus and we know what it need to push athletes to their limits. 


Small nations have no more chance to keep the level as high they need to compete at the highest level. Also, the World Cup is getting more and more expensive. For training possibilities often you need to pay a lot of money, so we try to keep the costs as low as possible, by not loosing our high level in training. Our credo is together we are strong! Our idea is to help also the small nations, work together for better training possibilities and better compares with World Cup athletes. So that also small nations like Iceland or Latvia have a chance to make good results at the Ski World Cup. 


We are fully motivated and ready to give everything for our racers. Team spirit is an important intent of our work and we give every day the chance to be the best day possible. We work with the most modern training materials and at selected locations we figured out during our long experience over the past years.